The connection between the Amazon Rainforest and meat consumption is portrayed in this arcade game interpretation of the Beijer Institute's research on Tipping Points.

Research states that today's meat consumption will cause irriversable effects on the climate. When the Amazon is deforested in order to produce more cattle, the ability for the ecosystem to absorb greenhouse gas emissions and create cruical precipitation in biospheres declines. Additionally,  deforestation a interrupts the ecosystem and causes loss of biodiversity.

But in a game-world we can make any decisions we want, and if we lose, we are provided with new chances; we are immortal.

Köttspelet is a platform game where the goal is to eat as much meat as possible. The more meat you eat, the more rainforest you destroy. But it's alright because it not real… or is it?
In collaboration with
Svenskt Tenn & Beijerinstitute

Exhibited at
Svenskt Tenn in Stockholm, Sweden