Plastic is fantastic
An art installation created with projection mapping on a tailored plastic blazer.

There are chemicals in our clothes – chemicals that harm our planet, industry workers, and consumers, yet we can't seem to stop purchasing them. It's almost as if the beauty of the garment blinds us from its toxicity.

Collaboration with Britta Åsåkert, Elsa Frisén, Ivan Gedin, Siri Hillerud Gertonsson

Astrid Askert is a Bachelor of Fine Arts student @ Beckmans College of Design in Stockholm, Sweden

2018–2021 BFA Visual Communication, Beckmans College of Design
2017–2018 Visual Communication Evening Course, Beckmans College of Design
2017–2018 Art & Visual Studies, Stockholm University

2020 Art Direction Internship, Made To Order ↲
2018 Graphic Designer / Workshop Leader, H&M Marketing Team